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Summer Styling – Jade Green and Taupe to Celebrate a Special Birthday

Summer Styling – Jade Green and Taupe to Celebrate a Special Birthday



Hello!  Welcome to Gloriously Vintage, I hope you are, like me, making the most of the remaining weeks of the summer!  It a season that is all too brief and passes by so quickly in the UK.  One of the best things about it for me is not needing a jacket or a coat.  I adore jackets and coats and love to wear them, but it is a luxury to be in temperatures where they are not needed.


What do you think?  Do you feel like this about the summertime?


It feels great to just be ready to go out in a dress or separates.  Scarves really come into their own as they can add so much to the finished look.  Wearing lighter fabrics and brighter colours make Summer Styling completely different to the A/W styling.  As we move towards September and the evenings are getting a little shorter I am starting to feel that I must make as many opportunities as possible to enjoy my summer wardrobe.  It is in September, rather driven by the weather  – but usually mid September that I work on the Big Seasonal Changeover again, only this time it is white shoes that are sadly going to be put away, rather than as before, brought out with such anticipation.


I want to share with you the outfit I wore for my Mothers 92nd Birthday Family party which was held at our favourite hotel The Stratford, in Stratford upon Avon.


This was a very happy occasion and called for a bit of sparkle!  I particularly like to wear Aurora borealis jewellery when I am going out in the evening for a dinner party like this.

My mother has lived a long life and I personally feel that every birthday after 90 years old is a great achievement and should be treated as a special celebration.



Mummy enjoyed opening her presents, here she is with her perfume,  Kenzo, Flower


I was delighted when she said that she had enjoyed this year’s Birthday as much as her 90th, for which she had a bigger party for family and friends.


My two children joined us for this Birthday meal and getting together with them is always very special for her.


Styling the Outfit


To begin with I was not sure what to wear for this occasion.  I checked in my Style Book to see what I wore last year and did not want to appear in the same outfit again.  When you keep your clothes for s long time this can happen sometimes – though the style book is a great help here!

I wanted to have my anniversary scarf somewhere in the outfit – last year it was a main feature – it is lovely to wear in August.  So I decided to tie it onto my everything bag.

001 - Copy (4)

Dear Reader this worked very well with this scarf.  The scarf is a large square and is very fine silk.  I used a bias fold leaving the scarf quite wide for a floppy bow.  Pulling the loops of the bow out helped to stop the silk from slipping and falling off.

The bow came out into a good shape first go which was a great help!  Sometimes four or five attempts are required to get the finished bow that I am happy with.  The colours in the scarf are so summery.



My next thought was the jewellery that I wanted to wear.  I wore the turquoise “set” last year so settled on the Aurora borealis set for 2016.  I have a number of earings in the set

007 - Copy - Copy - Copy

The ones I chose were the little flower shaped ones because I love them with the brooch.  The shape of the stones complements each other even if they do not match.

007 - Copy - Copy

Some vintage clip earings are definitely “handed” and are better when worn in a particular way.  These are not strictly handed but I always wear them this way round.

007 - Copy - Copy - Copy (2)

Having tried them on both ways I settled on the small stone at the top of the design pointing towards my face.  This looks best on me.  Do you have earings that have to be sorted out like this?  Simple round and oval designs do not matter which way round you style them.

Trying them on the two ways is the answer – the way that suits you best will be very clear.  You will know straight away!


001 - Copy

This 2 row necklace is a comfortable length.  It sits well in this V – neck and compliments the brooch on the shoulder.

001 - Copy (5) - Copy

This is one of my favourite bracelets because it is part of the set I have chosen.


Separates and Shoes

Out of all my summer skirts the taupe one is my favourite.  I have had it for 17 years and it goes with everything.  So I opted for that one and then puzzled over the top to wear.  I have tops that will take a brooch pinned on and others that are unsuitable to have holes made in them.  That narrowed the choice a little.

The deciding factor was the shoes.

001 - Copy (2)

I refer to the shoes in this outfit as my party shoes as they have been to some amazing events and made me feel wonderful every time.  I feel a close association with the lovely times that I feel so strongly when they are on my feet!

Not bad for a pair of shoes to give so much?  Do tell me about your favourite shoes!


This top is jade/emerald green depending n the other elements of the outfit.  Here it is more jade coloured.  In the A/W it can look more emerald worn with emerald green tones.



I actually had two handbags.  You know I love my bags and often have a clutch and an everything bag.  My everything bag that I bought last year from Oxfam for the family wedding I went to last August has been a most useful bag.  It cost £6 and is actually a giveaway bag from Lancôme.  The cream sparkly bag with gold handles has been my go-to summer everything bag especially when I style a clutch bag with my outfit.

The bag I chose for this outfit is my “Malta clutch”.  It has this name because Glenn bought it for me in Malta about four years ago.


Here is my “Malta Clutch” bag – worn in this photograph with the taupe skirt and a cream top

It came from Accessorize.  I had felt sad before that holiday as that bag had sold out on the UK website and I had missed the chance to buy it.  Visiting Valetta there is an Accessorize there.  I could not believe my eyes when I saw it.  Originally it has a large tassel attached that rather tied it to a specific colour.

My jeweller kindly removed it and fitted a lobster clasp to make it an optional extra.  They also put lobster clasps on either end of the chain handle – again making it easier to use.

This bag is a delight because it goes with so many colours –



Jade green


I always take this bag on holiday to use in the evenings.  It matches many items from my summer wardrobe.


Dear Reader, it does feel good when you find a bag that goes with a lot of outfits.  I am sure you have bags that do this.  They are such a good find.

My bag is forever my “Malta clutch” and is lovely reminder of that holiday and being on holiday.  A feeling that greatly adds to the pleasure of wearing it.

You may be thinking –

What does she put in the everything bag?

Well it is a mixture of useful things.  ~in the summer months I carry a cream lace fan to cool myself in hot moments.  The camera is usually in there too.  I carry tissues and hand wipes and napchains and damask napkins in a small zipped pouch, our sunglasses and a pair of ballet flats to change into if there is any walking to do and my heels are too high!  I also can put my wrap into it until I want to use it.  All this would never fit into a small clutch and I am not Mary Poppins with a bottomless bag that holds all manner of things!



We have a family tradition that makes us all laugh – we use napchains to keep our napkins covering the front and the lap.

What is a napchain I hear you say, dear Reader!  It is a chain with a small clip on each end.  You can attach it to a napkin either along a straight side or on a corner.  The chain goes over your head and keeps the napkin in place.



Here I am waiting for my dinner wearing my napchain and napkin!

I originally got these for the 5 of us to use for Christmas 2012 to protect my mother’s clothes from spills as she is partially sighted.


Rather than single her out with one I decided we would all have one.  However, I found it so helpful as I often wear scarves that now Glenn and I always use then when eating out and take our own damask napkins too.  Sometimes I am asked where I got them from! (I bought them on Amazon)


They are now always used when the family gets together for Birthdays and Christmas and have become a tradition.  A celebration meal is incomplete without napchains!



Outfit Details


 Jade green and gold peep toe platform heels   Dorothy Perkins a few years ago

Viyella taupe pleated skirt    Bought at a Dress Agency in 1999 (no longer trading)

V neck top with bracelet length sleeves   Marks and Spencer

Fabric clutch from Accessorize in Malta!

Cream and gold bag    Oxfam on Line

Large square silk scarf from Accessorize tied onto bag

Cream wrap   Marks and Spencer some years ago

American 1950’s Aurora borealis brooch

2 Row necklace of Aurora borealis beads

1950’s Aurora borealis clip on Earings

Pearl and Aurora borealis spiral Bracelet


Lipstick Blend


Bobbi Brown Red Lip Pencil + Revlon Red + MAC Lady Danger + Revlon HD Lipstick in Poppy



 Thank you for joining me today on Gloriously Vintage.  I hope I will be as spry as my mother when I am 92 years old!  Do get in touch –  it is great to hear from you – say hello in the comments!

A big thank you to Glenn for taking all the photographs.



Treasures to Treasure – Always

Treasures to Treasure – Always

Dear Reader, welcome to Gloriously Vintage, if you are visiting for the first time do say hello!

I am excited to share with you the wonderful day at Antiques for Everyone at the National Exhibition Centre (N.E.C), near Birmingham in the UK.



We have been going regularly to this Antiques Fair now for a number of years and look forward to meeting Exhibitors that we know and also finding out about new things.  I love to meet new people and of course for me, it is the treasure hunting that I adore so much!


That frisson of excitement is a wonderful feeling and definitely helps to impart a healthy “glow” to the complexion!



The last post was about the outfit I wore.  It was comfortable and the colours made me feel happy and uplifted.

One of my favourite scarves tied in the “Elizabeth Drape” was the starting point for the styling.


013 - Copy


Since starting this venture with Gloriously Vintage, the 60th year of my life has just got better and better with every passing month!  Experiences are somehow sharper as I am thinking more about what I am doing, how I feel and appreciating more joy.  It has given me a “brightness” that I experienced in flashes before.  I would actually say this new decade has brought a sense of a greater engagement with each experience.   Life is good!

I decided to ask some Exhibitors if I could photograph some items on my “Wish List”.  Treasures I would buy if money were no object.   This was fun and something I will do next time we go.


The hare was the first thing I spotted when we came in on the stand for Callaghan, Fine paintings and Contemporary Bronze.  He was cast in bronze and cost over £17,000!  I would have loved to take him home and put him on display in a large conservatory surrounded by leafy plants.

My other wish list item was this amazing gold bracelet, from Markov.


In gold and rose gold and set with 52 diamonds I was immediately drawn to it because of the unusual shape and design.  It was so different from others displayed with it in a beautiful case.  The value was over £2,000.  It felt comfortable to wear – I so enjoyed trying it on.


There was also a pen and writing instruments exhibition.  This was very interesting because I enjoy writing with a fountain pen.  My journey to characterful handwriting has been hard work.  I am left handed and was not taught sympathetically at school when very young.  I taught myself cursive italic for calligraphy in 1989 and then developed the handwriting style I have now.  That experience started my love affair with fountain pens and ink.

I do not know about you, dear Reader, but for me writing with a fountain pen is a sensual experience.  The smoothness of the nib contributes to this of course and the colour of the ink makes a difference too.  My usual choice is black ink as it photocopies easily and is a strong statement and the second choice is dark blue.  Your handwriting says so much about your personality and character.  I am sad that modern life puts so much emphasis on the printed word.


It is another of my life goals to own a Parker Duofold Fountain pen one day.  The Duofold was first designed in 1921 and is iconic!  I sat and tried out some pens by Lamy and enjoyed them.  I actually own a Lamy Safari Pen in black and I have since got it out and started using it more!  A post on Gloriously Vintage will follow in the future about writing with vintage fountain pens.  I have a number of pens but only one is really vintage.  It is a darling Summit Ladies pen in a pink and black marbled effect that Glenn bought for me 2 years ago at Antiques for Everyone.  I use it to write my Christmas cards.




In this jolly photograph I am with Diane Ashman and her friend Liz who was helping her on the day we went.

I met Liz at the last Fair and it was great to meet up again.  You can see from the background that Diane always has a wonderful stand.  Every Fair I look forward to seeing Diane because there is so much to explore!  Talking with her is fascinating as she has so much experience of period and vintage clothes.  She has clothes on a rail and cases full of the most marvellous items.  It is possible to come into her stand and have a really good look around.  I have bough many of the most precious pieces in my vintage handbag and jewellery collections from her.  Her stand is a treasure trove!  Drinking in all the items in the glass cases, rummaging through her vintage buttons – sheer delight!


I settled on a Jane Shilton handbag with an optional chain handle.




As you know dear Reader, I do love clutch bags and this one is a good size and has gold coloured fittings, which is my preference.  Here is it paired with black suedette “Emie” Shoes from Dorothy Perkins.  It will look good with plain black leather courts too.

Now we are into August I am starting to prepare for A/W2 2016 – certainly thinking about it as the trends are now out in Vogue!

It is all about the matching and pairing what new items I see, with what I know I have in my wardrobe and collections, that I find so stimulating and satisfying.



I found this dear necklace with pink and pearl stones and this sweet pink toned pearl bracelet, and a brooch that caught my eye.  You know I always try to make “sets” when picking out jewellery and here, dear reader is a pink one!  The stone in the centre of the brooch is very unusual.  The pearls in the brooch will match other pearl pieces I have.

I have these amazing pink gloves that I bought from Chronically Vintage Etsy Shop, and I am keen to style a summer outfit with them.  So the jewellery will go well with that outfit.  I am trying to make the most of the summertime that we have left!




These pink “tweed” shoes will certainly feature!


Of course, there is a scarf  involved.  Watch out for the outfit coming soon!



Diane had an exquisite Este Lauder Art Deco style compact that was unused in its original box.  It was over my budget, so she will keep it for me for the next Fair in the Autumn.



I visited Kitty Verity, who is London based.  She was wearing the most wonderful skirt.



It was made for the Portuguese Ballet.  She wore it with an Edwardian top.  It was so original and looked amazing on her.  Kitty’s stand is full of the most wonderful costume jewellery and special items.



Look at my happiness looking through a large box of earings!


I espied these darling earings looking down in to one of her display cases.


They are hand painted and are from the 1940’s.


I fell in love with them because when I tried them on…


They went so well with my Anniversary scarf!  I have a brooch that I know will go with them, so want to hurry up and wear them soon before the summer ends!


I also saw this marvellous 1930’s clutch bag.


It is in dark brown, buttery soft leather.


Kitty explained that the bag had been thought to be 1940’s , but the lining silk and small purse on a chain was definitely from the 1930’s and I agreed with her .  I have some bags that are that old and there are similarities in the linings.


Kitty also had a most interesting observation about this handle on the back.  I thought it was another way to hold the bag.  She thought it was to put your gloves through when you took them off as they would d not fit easily into the bag.  Gloves would always be part of the ensemble in the 1930’s and it is a good idea to use this space for gloves.  I am going to try it this A/W!  Leather gloves are much heavier than the cotton gloves o the S/S!  This is a bag I will treasure, use carefully and greatly enjoy.

So I bought the two items at a good price.  It was wonderful to share with Kitty how much I loved the Schreiner demi parure and the bracelet I bought from her previously.  I had the Shreiner for my Birthday this year and the bracelet wore on Boxing day last Christmas!  Wonderful jewellery is wonderful to wear and for me enhances my life greatly.




I visited Steven Bristow and found this Trifari bracelet and earings.  The earings are un marked but go well with the texture on the bracelet.  Trifari jewellery has a particular style that I like.  I am able to recognise it more as I am gaining experience as a collector.



We also invested in a 3 arm chandelier 1900 brass light fitting with three glass shades to put in our lounge.  It is on ongoing project to have Antique/Vintage lighting in our home and it is coming to an end as we now have three light fittings to use in the lounge!


Last but by no means least, we went to see Gemma Redmond Vintage.

Gemma has a wonderful website which I regularly visit.  Her stand is so elegantly set out that visiting it is an experience.  Feasting my eyes on cases filled with beautiful named costume jewellery that shines and twinkles back at you is a little piece of heaven for me!  If money were no object I would buy many, many pieces from her.  Gemma selects pieces in pristine condition for the serious collector and lover of named costume jewellery.


One piece in a case caught my eye and really set my heart aflutter.  It was in the case behind me in this photograph.


You can see how beautiful everything is!  It was a very special brooch, for me , set with turquoise and diamante.  It was the original design in “a jewellery mystery” that I took to expert Lisa Lloyd at the Antiques Roadshow at Baddesley Clinton.


Here is my brooch by Sphinx.  I love this brooch and bought it about three years ago from Diane Ashman.  My brooch has pink, blue and diamante stones and I wear it in the A/W usually on a dark jacket.  It always makes the outfit look wonderful and works it’s magic as only lovely jewellery can.


dayset with sphinx brooch

Looking on the internet as I do, researching my jewellery pieces I came across my exotic bird brooch by Marcel Boucher!  Mine is marked Sphinx.  Knowing the design was a Boucher changed everything!

Here is a quotation from the post

“My brooch is marked Sphinx but I have found on the internet the same bird brooch by Marcel Boucher with different stones marked Boucher.  Lisa confirmed that Sphinx did not make for Boucher but it is a copy of the bird design, maybe made from the same mould.  She also told me my brooch was almost too good to be by Sphinx as it is a higher quality than a lot of their pieces.”

Gemma explained that she had bought the brooch in France.   She joked with me that it was meant for me, that day.  I think it was.

When I saw it in the case,  I knew immediately what it was.   I asked to see it and put it back and walked away, but I knew in my heart it was one of those special moments when there is a choice.  Leave it, walk away, probably never see one again and always regret leaving it or go back and buy it.  So I did.   A real treasure, to treasure, always.



Look how beautifully my purchase was presented to me.  All this attention to detail made this treasure hunting so special and a great pleasure.


I cannot show you this – yet.  My mother is going to give me some money for Christmas and yes, you guessed correctly, I am giving it to myself, with her for Christmas!  So it has been put away, until it will appear under the Christmas Tree!



I am taking time to savour these new treasures and to work them into my collections.  It is always fun to plan outfits and to create opportunities to wear the treasures too.  Thank you for joining me on this post.  Do chat in the comments, I would love to hear of your special finds.


The photographs in this post were all taken by Glenn, thank you.

Summer Styling – Coral, Cream and Turquoise

Summer Styling – Coral, Cream and Turquoise

Whew!  We have had the hottest day, well over 32C, in July ever in the UK in the last week.  Summer has finally got going.  The temperatures have dropped back to more comfortable levels this weekend, 25C, which has been great.  Hello , dear Reader, I hope you are having a good Summer.


Welcome today to this post on Summer Styling – Coral , Cream and Turquoise.  It has been a wonderful weekend with great treasure hunting at Antiques for Everyone at the NEC.  It was a very exciting day.  I will be posting about the treasures next week but wanted to share the outfit I wore last Saturday.



Wearing my scarf in the “Elizabeth Drape”!

I am really thrilled with this outfit because I have created a new pairing and it has worked well and received many compliments at Antiques for Everyone!


013 - Copy - Copy

I started the styling for Saturday with the scarf.  This is a graphic print, large whisper fine silk scarf from Accessorize.  I call it my “Anniversary Scarf” because Glenn bought it for me in Stratford upon Avon last year for our 14th Wedding Anniversary.  The scarf has many lovely colours including coral, cream and turquoise.


043 - Copy (3)


I wore it last summer with my taupe skirt and a cream jumper to highlight the lovely colours in the scarf.  Cream or jade peep toe shoes which made the greens pop out in the scarf worked well.  The turquoise jewellery “set” complimented the colours too – so that was the outfit I recorded in my Style Book that took me to a number of events last year.  It is one of my favourites from my S/S collection.


bag evening


This is the beautiful scarf that adorned my handbag for the Summer Family Wedding I attended almost a year ago in August 2015.

The main problem I had with my styling was the shoes I usually wore are not for walking any distance in!  So I had the scarf and the turquoise jewellery set planned for Saturday.

A decision had to be made about a skirt.


The handbag needed to be a framed one, not a clutch, which would be easier to carry round all the wonderful exhibits on show.


Turquoise and gold bracelet


The next problem was the Celtic knot bracelet which is brass, needed cleaning and I did not have time to clean it for Saturday as last week was very busy and hot!  I usually clean it with a lemon juice and salt paste, gently rinsed off and polished with a soft cotton cloth – which brings the brass up to a shine!




I decided to wear one of my recent treasures, a lovely Trifari bracelet with textured leaves that went with the textured gold on the brooch.


The coral skirt has finer pleats than some of my S/S skirts and is Glenn’s favourite, so I decided to pair the scarf with it.  The cream V-neck top will take a brooch and matches the cream handbag.  To walk around the Antiques Fair I wore cream flats but put on some heels for these photographs!

You are seeing the “Emie” pink court shoes a lot this summer.  When I bought them I did not expect them to go with so many combinations.  They have proved to be a versatile colour that I am often wearing instead of cream to go with the handbag featured in this outfit.



The glass stones on the brooch are called “baby teeth” as the

shape does resemble baby’s teeth!

This brooch can be converted into a pendant.  Do you wear turquoise?  It is a colour that always makes me feel happy and uplifted and puts a spring in my step!



The turquoise earings were bought with the brooch from Sutton Vintage and Arts Fair.  I usually wear them together.




Outfit Details


“Emie” Pointed Court Shoes   Dorothy Perkins

Viyella Pleated Skirt   Charity Shop

V-Necked Top   Marks and Spencers

Cream 1950’s Framed Handbag   Sutton Vintage and Arts Fair

Large Graphic Printed Silk Scarf   Accessorize

Turquoise Brooch

2 rows of Lotus Pearls

Turquoise Clip Earings

Trifari Bracelet

Napier Twist Pearl Bracelet

Ted Baker Sunglasses



013 - Copy


Lipstick  Blend


Bobbi Brown Lip Pencil in Red + Revlon Red + Bourjois 10 Rouge Buzz + Revlon HD Lipstick in Poppy

I wanted a warm coral lip that was redder than pure coral to go with this outfit.  When blending I check the tone as I blot the application, then go on layering until the shade I want is achieved.  This warm coral stayed on well during the afternoon.


Have you found a good coral lipstick?


A favourite is “Kiss Me Coral ” by Revlon which is sadly discontinued.  I have a little of mine left and use it sparingly!




I am having great fun preparing my next post on Gloriously Vintage regarding the wonderful Treasures found last Saturday and about the Exhibitors who are so interesting to visit.  There is always something to learn.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.




Thank you for visiting Gloriously Vintage today.  Do chat in the comments and have a look at my new Books Page.  It is possible to leave a comment there too!  I am so looking forward to the next post – as I found a truly wonderful brooch!


A big thank you to Glenn for taking the photgraphs.











A Really Big Adventure – Visiting the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow at Historic Baddesley Clinton

A Really Big Adventure – Visiting the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow at Historic Baddesley Clinton

One of my favourite television programmes is “The Antiques Roadshow” made by the BBC.

Have you seen it?  It is possible to go and take precious items of all sizes to be valued by antiques experts.  Earlier in the year, before my Birthday and writing posts on Gloriously Vintage, I checked out their website and saw to my delight they were coming to film a programme at Baddesley Clinton, a beautiful old moated manor house not too far from my home.


“I would love to go”, was my first thought and “what could I take” was my second.


Welcome dear Reader to this post about a really big adventure for us – going to the Antiques Roadshow with some of my Corde Handbag collection and also some lovely named 1950’s costume jewellery.


History of the Antiques Roadshow

I am not sure if you have seen the show where you are, dear Reader, but in the UK the Programme is rather an institution!  It started in 1979 and has developed, with different presenters over the years into the very entertaining show we enjoy today.  It is usually shown on a Sunday evening at about 7.30 pm – 8.00 pm and is on for an hour.

I watch regularly and am often amazed by the wonderful items and stories they feature.  Indeed I have been a fan almost half of my life!  The idea is a collection of antiques experts gather together and members of the public take items to be valued.  Occasionally stories come up of finds from a car boot sale of an item bought for 50p, that turns out to be made by Faberge and worth thousands of pounds!

The venues have gradually become more adventurous and interesting as the programme has moved from inside places to outside often visiting historic houses.  Programmes are often hosted by properties belonging to the National Trust in the UK.  So there is an opportunity to see a lovely location and the interesting programme together.  It adds up to a very successful format that is popular and always stimulating.


The Current Presenter

Fiona Bruce is the current presenter.  Do have a look at this link to see her and find out more about her.  She is always very professional and looks as though she is having a marvellous time!  Her natural enthusiasm for the antiques and the whole ethos of the show is a big part of its success, I think.

We saw her – not too close up -and were totally charmed.


Fiona Bruce has her back to us and is wearing very clean, new looking trainers!



Do you see those wooden banded trunks?  I used to keep my dressing up clothes in one like that in our Third Bedroom, when I was a child.


The Experts

This link will tell you about the experts that participate in the programme.  As it is a very big team it is just luck who is there on the day.  All the experts are familiar as they are beamed into our homes regularly over so many years.  New experts are added to the team, but some have been like old friends, on the programme for many, many years.


Decision To Go

We did some juggling with our work commitments to be free on Wednesday 8th June.  Once we had made a firm decision it was a case of getting organized and sorting out a picnic too.  We took the precaution of buying a second large umbrella so there would be one each, should the weather be inclement.


I decided to take 7 of my Corde Handbags and some 1950’s named jewellery for valuation and advice.


I contacted the programme and submitted my story of the first Corde Handbag and said what I wanted to bring, on line.  A phone call to the production team confirmed my application had gone in.  Sadly, they did not select me to be filmed and on television, but I was able to see an expert who gave me some excellent advice to help me in my future collecting.  As it is necessary to queue I wanted to present my handbags and if possible to present the 1950’s jewellery as well but only if we did not have to join a second long queue!

Have you ever been to the Antiques Roadshow somewhere?  Do tell me in the comments.


What to Wear?

Well dear Reader, you can imagine my third thought was

“WHAT am I going to WEAR?”


I did a lot of thinking and styling in my head as I narrowed down just what to wear on the day.  Comfortable shoes were a must that would be fine walking on grass.  I wanted to use my cream handbag and Fox’s Umbrella too.


This is the outfit I styled.


CD scarf

Bags and Fox's umbrella

Trifari Earings and bracelet

Outfit Details

Cream twist front flat shoes   New Look

Light Green Viyella Pleated Skirt   Oxfam on Line

Soft Peach Square neck top    Kettlewell Colours

Christian Dior Scarf with green and peach in the pattern   Bought recently at an Antiques Fair (The hand rolled edge is on the top, CD and Hermes do this, I have learnt)

1950’s Cream framed Handbag   Bought at a Vintage Fair

Cream and gold “everything” Bag   Oxfam on Line (a bargain as it was £6!)

Fox’s Umbrella/Parasol (used here as a parasol)

3 Rows of pearls

Trifari Pearl and gold earings

Trifari pearl and gold bracelet

Napier twist bracelet

Ted Baker Sunglasses



The Experience

Dear Reader, it was a great experience!  Firstly it is very rare for us to have a Wednesday off together, so that made it special to start with.  The sun was out; it was warm so I did not take a jacket.



Here I am, at my dressing table putting the finishing touches to my Lipstick blend:

Bobbi Brown lip pencil Red + Revlon Red + Bobbi Brown Parisian Red




Baddesley Clinton is approached from the road by a long drive.  We made our way slowly and were waved into the overflow carpark by a NT Steward wearing a high visablility jacket.  Another steward then waved us to a parking space.  We had arrived.




I am standing at the entrance to Baddesley Clinton, by the gateway into a courtyard where the Tea Rooms are, the shop and also an area where there are plants for sale.  The three people in front had come from Australia to be there.




The queue very slowly progressed through this courtyard, passing this sculpture that was for sale for £150.  I like it and thought it would look interesting in our garden!



So glad to have to use my parasol!

The queue moved on to the grassy area just in front of the house.  That is a BBC van behind me.



There were a lot of BBC vehicles and equipment of all sizes around.




This 1930’s bus was something to go and see.  The camera on the long arm was impressive and the two men had to man handle it around the gardens filming the back ground shots.  We may be in some of them.  Have a look at the fence.  This fence is a good example of the fencing that was used to surround an estate in the past.  It has weathered to a silvery grey and blends into the fields beyond very well.


031 - Copy (3)


Can you see the red chairs? They are antiques Roadshow chairs.  There were small groups of these chairs all over the gardens.  A welcome opportunity to sit down!


At the Reception desk we were given a blue ticket, for Miscallaneous Objects and directed to the Walled Garden to queue again!


I am smiling for both of us!


Still waiting, dear Reader, in the Walled Garden.


The Comment and Advice from Lisa Lloyd

The expert we were able to see was Lisa Lloyd who specialises in all things vintage including jewellery.


She praised my collection and valued them on average at £100 each.  Her advice was to always buy in tip top condition and to go on collecting them!  You can read the story of finding my first Corde handbag here.

041 - Copy

I love these bags and use them – especially for dinner dates and special occasions.  It was marvellous to talk to Lisa about these darling handbags.




As we had waited a long time to see her she looked at my jewellery too!  So we only queued once.  I took my Pennino jewellery and the Schreiner demi parure, a 1930’s unmarked brooch and earings I wear as a “Set” and a bird brooch that is rather a mystery.


dayset with sphinx brooch

My brooch is marked Sphinx but I have found on the internet the same bird brooch by Marcel Boucher with different stones marked Boucher.  Lisa confirmed that Sphinx did not make for Boucher but it is a copy of the bird design, maybe made from the same mould.  She also told me my brooch was almost too good to be by Sphinx as it is a higher quality than a lot of their pieces.




Lisa is looking at the Pennino jewellery here and I am holding the Hobe Bracelet that I had for my 60th Birthday from Glenn.  These pieces are so precious to me.



It was wonderful to have this time with Lisa who confirmed I had pieces in good condition and that I had not paid too much for them!


I now have a Gloriously Vintage You Tube Channel.  This is our first video – they will get better!


Lisa told me about Alfies in Marylebone , London and encouraged me to go and see what I could find there.  Oh yes, dear Reader, another adventure …?



Joining the National Trust

We have rejoined the National Trust at Baddesley Clinton and are so happy about this.  We had been members for many years up to 2009 when we just did not have time to visit any properties due to work commitments and new responsibilities following the death of my father.

I am looking forward to sharing with you dear Reader, some wonderful places near my home through the summer months!



The day ended with a tasty picnic beside our car, before setting off for home.  Dear Reader, do you agree that food tastes much nicer when eaten out of doors?  I do not know why, but it does!  The raindrops started as we were eating our fruit, so we packed everything away and left, both agreeing it had been a great day.



Go Again!

In September The Antiques Roadshow is in Cornwall at a lovely NT House called Trelissick.  It would be lovely to go again.  Cornwall is a very beautiful part of England in the South West. That would be another adventure to look forward to.


This passion for collecting is making life so sweet dear Reader, and sharing these wonderful times with you on Gloriously Vintage is making being 60 years old an exciting decade, so far with so much to learn.  Thank you for coming by today, do drop me a word or two in the comments.


As always a big thank you to Glenn for coming with me and taking the photographs.

Vintage Treasures found In Stratford upon Avon

Vintage Treasures found  In Stratford upon Avon

I am excited to show you dear Reader, the treasures I found in Stratford upon Avon last weekend.  We were staying there to celebrate our 15th Wedding Anniversary.  You can see from my last post what we did and what a lovely time it was.


So, Welcome to Gloriously Vintage today. Let’s have a look at the treasures together.


There are a lot of charity shops in Stratford upon Avon which have many items of excellent quality.  We were able to walk into the town centre from our hotel and browse in a leisurely fashion!  There is always a frisson of anticipation about what I will find when shopping!  This hunting out is enormous fun and the pleasure in finding something lovely builds into the item as a happy memory!


Do you, dear Reader, relish this hunting out like I do?

Yes, I found a gorgeous silk scarf.  I used all the tips from my post on finding silk scarves in charity shops.  It was displayed in the centre of the shop draped over a handbag.  I asked to see it so I could feel if it was silk and assess the size.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It is Italian silk and is a large square.  The tones are excellent for S/S and the colours on the flowers will make it possible to wear with a red jacket.  I am looking forward to making some outfits with this scarf when I get out my S/S wardrobe.

I will be posting about the big changeover soon!



I could not resist this Phase Eight occasion handbag. It is elaborately beaded and will add to my evening bags collection.  The new labels are still attached.  I was able to buy it for a saving of two thirds the price of new – quite a bargin!

For me the S/S is most marked by wearing my white and cream shoes that come out in May, weather permitting.  This little bag will go with them or be a contrast with blue or possibly red shoes.  It will also go with pearls well.


I found this pretty toilet bag for a couple of pounds in the same shop.  The Phase Eight bag fits inside so it can be stored to protect the beading.



Collecting brooches is something I enjoy very much.

I bought these two unmarked ones because I thought how good they would look pinned onto a fabric handbag.  This idea is something I am putting into practise more and more.  The red eyes attracted me; however there are a couple of missing stones.  I have a marvellous local Jeweller, to whom I take all my repairs.  These small diamante stones are easily replaced, and render the broach as good as new.  The feather brooch is a lovely bright gold colour and being smooth will sit well with a scarf.


In another shop this brooch appealed greatly because of the combination of pearls and diamante.  It is not too heavy and will definitely work pinned onto an evening bag.


What do you think?  This little bag is very plain and the ruched fabric is good background to set off brooches of various sizes and designs.  I thought these two would go together.


There is an interesting Antiques Centre on Ely Street, made up of many different units all selling a myriad of items.  Having a good root around found me a lovely KIGU heart shaped powder compact for my collection.


As it was my Wedding Anniversary weekend it seemed wholly appropriate to have the compact to remember this lovely time!

008 - Copy

I was delighted to see the design was called “Cherie”.  The photgraph on the left shows the KIGU mark.  These compacts have a particular feel.  They are slim and fit perfectly into the hand with a sense of balance.  In other words they are just right when you hold one.  I also collect other makes of compacts, but KIGU are very special and are really my favourites.



This “set” was bought from two different shops.  It will go with some of the pieces I have in my diamante set featured at the end of this previous post on Creating jewellery sets to make your clothes look wonderful, Part 1.   This bracelet is different to my other stretch diamante ones and I am looking forward to wearing it soon.


And now for something completely different!


018 - Copy (6)019

This cobalt blue eyebath from Optrex dating from the 1950’s appealed to me.  They were originally given away with bottles of eyewash solution.  A vintage glass one is nicer to use than a modern plastic one.  My mother has a clear glass, stemmed eyebath that dates from the 1930’s.  It belonged to my Grandmother.

Could this be the start of another collection?  Time will tell.


I was so thrilled to find this oval dressing table tray.

It is moulded glass, but fine enough not to look too heavy and thick.  It has a pie crust fluted edge and is just what I have been searching for.  It is c.1930’s -1950’s.  It will have pride of place on the chest of drawers in our bedroom, and will replace the glass sandwich tray that has been pretending to be a dressing table tray for the last 3 years!



We always take some music with us, so I felt happy to buy these two CD’s to add to our weekend choices.  At 60, I have at last discovered Frank Sinatra!  With his centenary celebrations I have watched marvellous programmes about his life and careers both in film and of course singing.  He is now one of my firm favourites.  “Come Fly with Me” is a track I love.


Some seriously great singers on Love for sale.



Last, but by no means least, three wonderful named brooches from Razzle-Dazzle a lovely Vintage shop in the courtyard of the Ely Street Antiques Centre.  Angela Paskin has a comprehensive and interesting selection of handbags and jewellery, well worth a visit.

Left, brooch marked Christian Dior 1965, centre, Exquisite pearl and gold tone brooch, possibly made in the Solihull Factory in the 1950’s – 1970’s and right, a Monet brooch.  This link will take you to an interesting history of Monet Costume Jewellery.


This black handbag could take more than one brooch to change it completely.  Brooches are so useful.  They do not have to be worn just on a coat lapel!  Once you start to think creatively there are many possibilities – but that is another story.


It’s been great fun showing you these treasures.  If you have had some wonderful finds do get in touch and leave me a comment.


Thank you for visiting Gloriously Vintage,

I  hope we can meet again.




How to create Jewellery “Sets” that make your clothes look wonderful Part 2

Welcome to Gloriously Vintage!  I would like to show you some of the successful sets of costume jewellery I have made from my collection.  The collection is growing and developing to include some named jewellery.  I love Trifari and will group those pieces sometimes; they also mix well with other items.  I pay attention to colour, texture, size and shape when putting jewellery together to make “sets”.

Whether your vintage look is casual or more dressed up adding jewellery can make all the difference to the finished ensemble.  Have a look at these sets, put together by colour:


My Blue Set

This very unusual brooch is lovely worn with pearls as an accent.  Here you can see my blue set with each piece coming from a different source.  I wear them together or mix them with plain gold or pearls.

Blue 2

The necklace is glass and is from the 1920’s.  The bracelets are all modern, found in charity shops

This coral and gold demi parure was bought at the NEC a few years ago.  It is part of my summer jewellery as I love to wear coral in the spring and summer months.  You can see the interesting texture on the brooch.  Here I have chosen a couple of complimentary bracelets, the right hand one is a Monet matte gold chain.


This is the pink demi parure ~I wore in the evening at the summer wedding.  It is the first demi parure I bought at a Vintage Fair.  Yes, dear Reader, you have guessed it is also part of my S/S jewellery sets.

Pink with bracelet

Here it is with the pearl and aurora borealis spiral bracelet that go together well.  The pearls in the bracelet link to 2 or 3 rows of pearls and the Napier twist to complete a set that will brighten up a neutral outfit beautifully.

Purple with bracelet

My Purple Set

I love this brooch.  It is 1950’s and has a small safety chain and pin.  The earings and brooch were bought from Diane Ashman at Antiques for Everyone as she had bought them together.  I found the ring at the same fair from a different exhibitor and the bracelet is a modern one from Marks and Spencer.  I sometimes add 2 rows of aurora borealis to this set to match the stones in the brooch.

This purple set is wonderful with neutral tones as it really stands out.  The brooch also looks good on a red jacket.


The simple blue dress from the summer wedding also looks good with this set.  You can see why I was so delighted with that dress.


The emerald coloured and diamante set is lovely.  I bought the brooch first and wore it with pearls as an emerald green accent on a grey blue jacket.  The clip earings were bought on line from a site that sadly is no longer trading and the bracelet from a vintage fair.  It took a couple of years to put this set together.

Emerald and diamante

I inherited this diamante necklace and you can see that it has bright and matte stones.  You can imagine how delighted I was to find this brooch which also has bright and matte stones.  So by adding simpler earings to the plain diamante here, another set is created.  I wear this usually with a black cocktail dress that shows off the colours.  It is useful to have extra brooches to use to adorn a simple evening bag.  Once you start to use your imagination there are so many possibilities.

Always think:

  • What will this go with?

  • What do I have already that will make a set?


This lovely turquoise brooch and earrings were bought together although they do not really match.  However the seller had bought them together.  I love to feel I am carrying on the set that someone else created.  The texture on the brooch is interesting and the purple stones on the earings have enabled me to wear my purple bracelet with this set on occasion.

Turquoise and gold bracelet

This modern Celtic style knot bracelet goes well with the brooch.

Tuquoise add pearls

My Turquoise and Pearl Set – roll on Summertime when I can wear you

I wear this with 2 or 3 rows of pearls and the Napier twist bracelet on my left wrist in the S/S with a neutral outfit that shows off the colours perfectly.

The size, shape and style of handbags work into this too. Different sets of jewellery compliment different bags.  I have particular bags that I always wear with specific sets, for example the bag may have a lovely gold clasp that echoes the shape or style of a gold brooch.  Balance comes into it as well.  Using your mirror, preferably a full length one you get to know what other accessories will offset the jewellery you have chosen.  It will make quite simple clothes look wonderful, and take care your other accessories are in tune and keep a good balance.

Evening mix

I found these amazing earings at the NEC last summer from Simply Decorous.  The pearls link them to my pearl necklace and bracelets.  This is a set for special parties and times when I want to feel extremely glamorous.

Day Pearls

Simple pearl studs make it into a day set for a lunch date.

Pearls and  sc brooch

This Sarah Coventry brooch is lovely.  It has an interesting texture and a pearl, so making it a gold accent in this set.

Day pearls 2

Look at the 1980’s earings.  They are unusual and go with this bow brooch that has a sort of pave finish.  I often look for brooches that are not too heavy to wear on the right shoulder of a top.

Having read that Queen Mary used to have her dresses reinforced with buckram to make them strong enough for her to wear her many jewels, I started to think how can I wear a brooch on thinner, lighter fabric?  The solution to this problem that I came up with is to put an oval cotton wool pad under the place I will pin on the brooch and then pin through it.  It really works!  I have been able to wear some of the larger more elaborate brooches this way on summer jackets and tops.  You are not limited to the lapel of a winter wool coat.

sphinx brooch with pearls

This Sphinx brooch links to a blue jacket or an outfit with shades of pink

Trfari necklet and earings

This set is made up of a Trifari necklace and earings that compliment each other with added bracelets.  I put this together to give me an alternative set to wear with a dressy red satin blouse from the 1980’s.

761 - Copy

I had worn this blouse with the diamante set, drop earings and wide cuffs at Christmas 2014 for some extra sparkle.

Trifari necklet,earings and brooch

This lovely Trifari brooch has a similar texture to the necklace and looks great worn together or to decorate a plain handbag.

Trifari necklet,earings and brooch - Copy

I am waiting for a pair of Trifari knot earings that will match this brooch that I ordered this week.  When they arrive I will be off making more sets -sheer bliss.

trifari mix

The Trifari black enamel, gold and diamante earings go with the bracelet, add the pearls and here is a marvellous evening set to wear with a black pencil skirt and cream top.  All I need now is a dinner date.

Trifari Earings and bracelet

This is my favourite Trifari bracelet with a pair of pearl and gold earings, also by Trifari.  The texture on the bracelet and the texture on the branches of the earings go together and look superb .  For me, dear Reader, happiness really is creating jewellery “sets”.  Laying out the pieces of jewellery, trying different groupings, working out what matches and tones and looking at other accessories too.  Finding that combination that will make the clothes I have chosen to wear look wonderful .

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you to my Husband, Glenn for taking my photographs, with such care.

I hope that these two posts will give you some ideas, to go and look into your collection of jewellery and try out beautiful pieces together.

Treasure hunting is immensely satisfying .  Do share your stories with me, I would love to know how you have got on.

Thank you for visiting Gloriously Vintage.

How to create Jewellery “Sets” that make your clothes look wonderful Part 1

Welcome to Gloriously Vintage!  I hope you are joining me today because you are passionate about wearing jewellery to enhance your vintage look, or just love jewellery.  My passion is very deep seated as it started long ago when playing dressing up as a child.  I would find large brooches at jumble sales and happily pin together the big skirts and dresses that made the most “glamorous get ups”.

Wearing jewellery can lift you up from the “everyday”, to feeling very loved, special and absolutely fabulous.  I wear jewellery every day for work – pearl and gold studs and my watch but it is when I am not working that I can pull out all the stops and enjoy choosing what pieces to wear with the outfit of the day.  Why is jewellery so exceptional?  Dear Reader, it may be a gift from a special person or be inherited from a loved relative or friend or it may be a piece you bought yourself to mark a special event.  Wearing those pieces mean you have those memories as part of you.

Vintage jewellery sometimes comes in sets.  These are called parures which are made up of three matching items .  A demi parure is a pair of matching items.  For example, a pair of earings and a brooch.  I have some in my collection and always hope to go on and find another unique one – this is how it is with collecting!

This is a picture taken on my birthday in February this year, wearing the Schreiner demi parure that my husband gave me as part of my birthday presents.


The Napier twist bracelet


The Trifari textured pearl and gold bracelet

I wore it with 2 rows of pearls and my two favourite bracelets.  See how a simple jacket is completely lifted by the jewellery.  Also this is a “set” that can be worn together with different clothes.

I am very excited at the moment because I have been blessed with Birthday Money from my 60th with which I hope to buy a piece of jewellery for my collection.  It will mean so very much because of the important people in my life who have made it possible.  The planning and anticipation is amazing too.  Watch this space for what I find!

demmi parure

1950’s demi parure

This 1950’s demi parure was bought at Antiques for Everyone at the NEC at the last fair.  It is unmarked but I saw it and fell in love with it for the unusual colour and its sheer glamour.

1950's bracelet

Unmarked 1950’s brass bracelet

I also found this amazing 1950’s bracelet.  It is unmarked but I just loved the drama of it.  I thought the colour of the stones would tone with the demi parure so I could wear them together.  The simple blue dress from the summer wedding would take this jewellery perfectly, for example.  However that dress is a summer dress and I bought these pieces in the autumn.  I actually wore them at Christmas on Boxing Day and felt very glamorous.

As you collect pieces of jewellery you treasure, you develop a sense of what pieces to wear together.  You can create your own “sets”.  Just as the occasion drives your choice of clothes to wear, so it can influence your choice of jewellery.  This is an important stage in styling a look.  The pieces you choose will give you joy, confidence and the knowledge that you have lifted your outfit up to make it unique and memorable.

Firstly, consider your own style.  Are you flamboyant?  Are you conservative?  Do you like fine, smaller pieces or larger dramatic ones?  Do you like silver, platinum or gold?  Does rose gold suit your skin tone?  Think about the pieces you have.  Do you often wear costume pieces together?  You have created a “set” if you do.  Do you link certain items to particular clothes?  In answering these questions you are honing in on your particular, individual style.

So how do you decide what goes with what?  To share this process I am using my personal style as an example.

Personal Style

It is something you gradually get to know based on what you like and what suits you.  Over my long life I have come to these decisions regarding jewellery.

  1. I suit gold more that silver

  2. I want to wear bracelets

  3. I love pearls

  4. I love brooches

  5. I enjoy rings, but now love to wear those given to me by my husband

So, when I am hunting out treasures at a Vintage Fair in my mind I am thinking:

  • What will this go with?

  • What do I have already that will make a set?

Some of my most lovely sets have been purchased from 3 or 4 different sources, but they come together wonderfully well.

See how the earings and brooch can change with different pieces – complimentary bracelets on the left.  With pearls in the centre.  Using the brooch only for a simpler day set, on the right.  Below left a more elaborate day or evening set.

Colour and Texture can Link Pieces

We all dress to certain “rules”.  These come from our childhood, our mothers and grandmothers, women we have admired or Film Stars who have such glamour we want to achieve it as best we can.

For me, dear Reader, my jewellery “rules “are simple.  Bear in mind these groups:

  1. Gold

  2. Pearls

  3. Colours in groups

  4. Aurora borealis

  5. Diamante

Always have:

  • Earings

  • Necklace

  • Brooch (sometimes 2 or more)

  • 2 x Bracelets (or more)

  • Special Rings

Having made these decisions about what I want to wear, I create “sets “of jewellery that look and feel comfortable and wonderful together.  Knowing you have made a great choice is part of the pleasure of styling your total look.

I have separated my jewellery by colour into these groups:

  1. Gold

  2. Pearls

  3. Aurora borealis

  4. Diamante

  5. Green – Emerald

  6. Blue – Sapphire

  7. Red – Ruby

  8. Pink / Coral

  9. Turquoise

  10. Purple

  11. Amber / Brown

  12. Clear

These colour groups cover most of the outfits I wear.  It is possible to mix and match to a point.  I NEVER mix diamante and aurora borealis.  They are so different and reflect quite different light and shine.  They look superb worn separately.

007 - Copy

Aurora borealis set with 2 row necklace, bracelet and 4 different earings

This brooch is an American 1950’s brooch which compliments the 2 row necklace.  I usually wear them with the pearl and aurora borelais spiral bracelet and then choose a pair of earings depending on what outfit I am wearing.  As the spiral bracelet has pearls in it I can then wear the Napier twist on my left wrist


The Napier twist pearl bracelet


Diamante evening set

This diamante evening set is made up of two deep stretch cuffs and a single necklace of bright and matte stones.  The brooch is a dress clip that can be worn as two clips or one brooch.  The 3 strand drop earings add extra glamour to the set.  When worn with a plain block of colour, these look lovely.

Emerald and diamante

Emerald and diamante brooch and bracelet added to diamante necklace

Here is the same necklace with a diamante brooch made up of a similar kind of bright and matte stones.  I have used this brooch to dress up a plain black evening bag when wearing the emerald and diamante brooch and bracelet.  All these pieces were bought separately but combine well.

If I am wearing a silk scarf draped around the neckline of a top or jacket I select a brooch that will not snag or pull the threads in the scarf.

I would like to show you more of my sets of jewellery in Part 2.  Dear Reader, do join me in the next post on Gloriously Vintage.

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