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Summer Styling – Why not start with a pair of White Shoes?

Summer Styling – Why not start with a pair of White Shoes?

Welcome to Gloriously Vintage today, dear Reader, I hope you are well and excited about the summer which is getting nearer.


As you know from the Big Seasonal changeover, I have only just brought out my white shoes and accessories to begin my summer styling. So dear Reader, I was certain that I was wearing the white shoes, white handbag and gloves last Saturday, but had not got much further with styling the rest of the outfit!

My white shoes are stilettos and make me feel wonderful when I wear them.  I adore heels and these give a summery lift to whatever I wear with them.

White shoes seem to be coming back into fashion after some years being decidedly out of fashion, for about 10 years, due to the “Essex Girl” effect of fake tan legs and white stilettos!  I take no notice of all this and wear what I want to!  For me, white shoes are a major part of the summer months, and always have been.


What do you think?  Are you a fan of white shoes?

Do you have a favourite pair?



This is a new outfit from my summer wardrobe for this year, wearing colours that are a change for me, as I spend a lot of time in red, coral and neutrals.  Last Saturday I was going to my Hairdresser to work on my summer hair colour and styled this outfit. The lipstick is a blend:


Bobbi Brown lip pencil Red + Revlon Red + Bobbi Brown Parisian Red


Using the white shoes and handbag as an “Outline”; I filled in the colour with this skirt and jacket.  I bought the skirt from Oxfam earlier in the year in anticipation of S/S.

The skirt is by Country Casuals and is fine summer weight and has sheen on the fabric that makes it dressier.  It moves well and is navy blue with green polka dots all over.

This blue jacket is by Eastex.  It was bought new for Glenn’s mother to wear with a pretty dress for our wedding in 2001.  It was much longer then, about 4 inches in fact.  I have inherited it and worn it with a navy blue and white polka dot dress for a few years.  Sadly, there is more of me now and I do not fit into the dress and the jacket was too long to go with any of my other separates.


Last year dear Reader, I decided to go and see my dressmaker to have the blue jacket made shorter to give it a new lease of life.


It is polyester, so is S/S but because if the colour and style it goes with my in-between season clothes too.  She shortened it by about four inches.  This worked because of the button spacing.  The shorter jacket can now work with a number of outfits.  I am so pleased with the result.  Have you had any alteration successes?  There will be more of this blue jacket in future posts.

I decided to go with more contrast with the white shoes and accessories for this outfit, but it would look good with navy blue shoes and handbag as well, although more formal, I think.

I then picked out this lovely silk scarf.  It is a super large square with some great colours on a near white background.  I bought it at an Antiques Fair held at the Chateaux Impney Hotel in Worcestershire.


005 - Copy

When I go to the hairdressers I always take off my jewellery and put it into my handbag until the hair is finished, to protect it from all the styling products.  So I chose jewellery that would be entirely manageable there.



You can see the lovely round Monet brooch on the shoulder.  I love this brooch and wear it a lot because it is set with pearls and a small diamante.  The earrings are unmarked and are gold tone and pearl clips.  The shape of the earings really goes with the brooch so they make a “set” for me.


007 - Copy

You can see here, the pearl cuffs.  They are stretchy and take off quickly.  I often go to the hairdressers in them because I can take them off so easily.  Dear Reader, do you do this, take off jewellery at the hairdressers?  I started doing it when I was wearing a more vintage style, really to save the jewellery from harm.

001 - Copy

This dear white bag came from Diane Ashman at Antiques for Everyone a couple of years ago.  It is one of my favourite bags because of the size and the balance.  It just feels very comfortable on my arm.


These gloves are off white and match well, much as I like to wear gloves; I also like to carry them with my bag!  Do you do this?



I am excited about this hair colour as I am going lighter for the summer.  My blond is more ash blond here and I have extended my blond highlights down the back of the hair to the nape, making the shade look much lighter overall.  I have a new hair product that is a rinse to add to the permanent colour that lasts for 3 shampoos.  There are two colours I am using an ash blond and a more golden blond.  This means I can boost my colour either way through the 10 weeks until my next appointment.


What I do with my hair is just as important to me as my big Seasonal Changeover.  Do you change your hair a little for the summer?

demmi parure

My husband took me out to dinner in the evening and I wanted to look a little more dressed up so I wore these earings and put the brooch on the shoulder of my top, so that when I took the jacket off the demi parure could work its magic!

005 - Copy

The colours of the jewellery toned with the scarf very well!  So that is recorded in the Style Book so that I do not forget the pairing!


I would love to hear about your favourite outfits with white shoes.  Do chat in the comments or on my Facebook page.  I am looking forward to the next weekend as it is Glenn’s Birthday and Father’s Day – am busy planning some more outfits and having a great time with the styling!  I am looking forward to showing them to you soon on Gloriously Vintage!

Thank you to Glenn for taking these photographs.

About Gloriously Vintage

My name is Elizabeth. I am so thrilled to be learning how to write a blog about my adventures collecting vintage treasures. This new adventure is to mark my 60th Birthday this February in 2016 and to start this decade with something new. I have been collecting Powder compacts, 1950's costume jewellery, vintage handbags, silk scarves, vintage umbrellas and hats for over five years now. I try to wear and use as much of my collections as possible. This has added great enjoyment to my life! As a child my "best game " was always dressing up. I kept all my dressing up clothes in a large wooden banded trunk in the spare bedroom -the third bedroom. Creating outfits and characters, wearing jewellery always with a handbag and a powder compact I would play on my own for hours. Most of my treasures then came from jumble sales and bric a brac shops browsed with my parents on holiday. Life has a way of coming round full circle. In my fifties I found increasing joy in being able to just be myself and adopt the hairstyle I wanted and the vintage look that suited me. I source all my "top clothes" from Oxfam on line and charity shops Mixing new tops, shoes and sometimes handbags with my vintage accessories has given me a signature style that is unique. I have always tried to be an individual and not follow the crowd. I find most of my collections at vintage fairs, charity shops and going to Antiques for Everyone at the NEC has been a marvellous time for hunting out treasures and learning more about the things that have sparked real passion for me.

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  4. You look so lovely and elegant in your white shoes, purse and gloves! I just found your blog recently when searching for vintage scarves and how to wear them. You have inspired me to wear more scarves. I have a bunch but haven’t really worn them. I admire your style from head to toe or rather hair to shoes. 🙂



    • Dear Dee, thank you for visiting and for your comment! Do let me know how you get on with your scarves. It is amazing how a scarf can really make an outfit look fantastic. I have found that I am working a scarf into my outfits more and more as they are so individual and can express personality so well! Thank you for your kind words – I love shoes and the difference heel height can make. In the UK the time for white shoes is so brief so I am in mine as much as possible! best wishes, Elizabeth xx


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  6. Splendid post and ensemble, dear Elizabeth. I am a devoted fan of white shoes and have had the same pair (I have rather hard to fit feet and will hold onto shoes, usually getting them repaired as needed, until they’re as good as in tatters) for a few years now. Basic pumps/court shoes with a little heel that are immensely comfortable to walk in. I find, especially during the spring and summer (I’ve never strictly adhered to the “no white after Labour Day rule”) that I wear them every bit – if not more so, sometimes – than my dark (black, brown, dark blue, etc) shoes and love how splendidly they tend to work with floral prints in particular. I shudder to think what I’ll do when this pair gives up the ghost, as they were hard to find (again, uncooperative feet) and are so splendidly comfy. Hopefully that won’t be for a while now, so I don’t have to worry too much yet.

    Wishing you a sunny, stellar first weekend of summer!
    ♥ Jessica


    • Dear Jessica, Thank you for your comment. I know exactly what you mean about holding onto shoes. I too have shoes repaired to keep them going, usually when they are favourites. It can be hard to find the colour , style and level of comfort you are looking for. For this reason I sometimes buy two pairs together to extend the life of the shoe. I agree about white shoes and floral prints. it is a great combination that just sings out summertime! we have certainly started the summer with historic times in the UK! best wishes and looad of hugs , Elizabeth xx


  7. Hi Elizabeth,

    I do love white shoes but I have 2 little problems:

    1st. they have been out of fashion for many years now.
    2nd. I have very small feet (3 or 3 1/2) and it is quite difficult to find my size.

    The only white shoes I have are already broken 😦 and were first communion shoes bought in a children shop.

    I do not like to buy shoes in the internet because I never know if they are going to fit my feet, or not. Another reason is my feet are quite complicated, high arches, small and narrow, and some shoes are just like hell to me 😦

    I know one day I will find a good pair because I have many outfits that could perfectly match white shoes.
    By the way, I do love white colours for the summer time, especially when matching white with blue and pink (my favourite colour). Now I just have to wait for good weather to appear, it does not stop raining here!

    Have a wonderful week,

    Eva (from Luxembourg/Germany)


    • Dear Eva, thank you so much for your comment. Having smaller size feet is a great advantage because it is possible to get wonderful bargains in the sales. Often the smaller sizes go into the sale on very expensive shoes, that can be a real bargain! It is worth waiting, and searching for the right pair, because they will come out year after year and give you good service. I love white shoes for their summery look and versatility. We are getting so much heavy rain here – Summer is here but we are looking for the sun to come out and stay out! You have a great week too. Best wishes, from Elizabeth xx


  8. Love the white shoes. Particularly with the bag and gloves I dont have any white shoes now. I have veen eyeing a pair of off white pumps on remix vintage shoes


    • Dear Kate, how lovely to come home and find your comment on this latest post. My shoes were from next a couple of years ago and I feel look a bit 1950’s. I do like the summery lift they give clothes! Remix vintage shoes have some great styles on their website! It is so much fun checking things out and thinking about the outfits it would be possible to make with certain shoes. I have to admit that i bought 2 pairs of the white ones and I have a reserve pair witing to wear after these have bee worn to death! Next change their styles a lot so it seemed a good idea at the time. Do let me know if you decide to get your pumps. Best wishes, Elizabeth xx



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