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Welcome to the Gloriously Vintage Books



Dear Reader, I have a number of books in my Library that I refer to time and time again.


I would like to share some of them here.  When I have mentioned them in a post, I would like to share them with you on this page, with a link to it.


001 (2)

I found this book in a charity shop a number of years ago.  I keep on going back to it for homemade skincare ideas and great advice about keeping my skin as smooth as possible.  Anita Guyton writes clearly and the book also includes tips for a great diet.  This book gave me the idea to use Almond oil and to mix skin creams with 50% Vaseline.  This works for a heavier night cream and is marvellous mixed with 50% Atrixo for a really effective handcream to use at night.



This book is a great read and has many tips about make up and skin care.  I have taken a leaf out of this book  – to really step up my moisturising day and night!  I think Twiggy looks lovely now – she is clearly living a very happy life!


Kathleen Baird-Murray is a beauty editor.  I found chapter one very helpful in this book. if you are interested in beauty it is a great read!



This delightful book is an American one.  I puchased it recently from the National Trust Shop at Charlecote Park.  I have seen it for sale on Amazon.  There are some great ways to tie different scarves and it features how to make a strap for a camera from a scarf.  This is helpful in my quest to make a scarf handle for a clutch bag for the A/W 2016 trend.




BB Books


I have read a number of Bobbi Brown make up books and am delighted to admit her influence on how I organise and apply my makeup.  I use her eye shadows and foundation /concealer products.  Lately her collections have included more vibrant colours.  “Parisian Red “lipstick is a current favourite for this S/S season!  It is such a lovely red that I will blend it into the colours I use in the A/W 2016, as well.

Bobbi explains everything very clearly.  The manual is exactly that – a great guide to makeup and the tools needed to apply it well.  I have leant this book a number of times to young friends just starting out with makeup.  It has been a great help.

Pretty Powerful is inspiring.  I featured this book in Tales from the Dressing Table.  Here is a quotation from the introduction by Bobbi Brown –

“My hope is to help women everywhere understand that being who you are is the secret to lasting beauty – and that all of us can be both pretty and pretty powerful.”





SMV Book


I have a number of the “Style Me Vintage” books on hair and makeup.  This one rounds up the others and  is a helpful reference to the style of different era’s.  It is fun to read, with good photographs.  The different hairstyles are helpful.  The rollered style puts the rollers in curled under.  I would urge you to curl over too!




I love this book because the makeup pages especially, are so interesting.  The writing style is engaging and candid.  There is so much to take in, within the covers!  I gave this book to myself as a Christmas present last year and am still reading it and learning makeup tips in July!  You can dip into the pages or go straight through – it is a great book if you are interested in Vintage style.

I admire Dita von Teese for her achievement as a woman, her success and the hard work that has taken her to the top of her game.  She is an individual who demonstrates that it is possible to bring glamour into everyday life – if you want to!

These four books were referred to in Tales from the Dressing Table.

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